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Are there really any cheat codes for Webkinz World?

Yes! There are! The folks who run Webkinz World admit it on their web site. But in the same paragraph they say they will delete your account if you are caught cheating. For this reason we recommend that you do not cheat at Webkinz. But if you are curious (like I am) you might want to see what the Webkinz cheats are so that you can compare Webkinz World with other online gaming worlds like Club Penguin for example. To aid this comparison I have gathered up all the cheats I could find and listed them below. Some of these cheat codes are old and as soon as the Webkinz people hear about them they fix them, so they don’t all still work. But you weren’t going to try them any way, right?

There are better ways to make Kinzcash then cheating. It is recommended you do these instead of risking being banned.

The BIG list of Webkinz Cheat Codes: